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Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to hone your skills, this course is a space for you to experiment, explore, and grow as an artist. Join us on this exciting journey into the world of sketching, and let’s unlock your creative potential together!

Live via Zoom

15 Hours Total

2 Sep - 30 Nov

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Sri Priyatham

Instructed by

Sri Priyatham

An accomplished illustrator and art instructor based in Hyderabad with over 13 years of experience in the creative and entertainment industry. Sri also hosts art workshops and mentors students from around the world, with a goal of contributing to the growth of the art industry



Welcome to Sketching for All with Sri, an ongoing course designed to help you explore and develop your sketching skills. This course is all about the journey, not the destination – there’s no final project or specific end goal. Instead, you’ll embark on a creative exploration of basic drawing techniques, observation, composition, and sketching tools and mediums. Through a series of complete sketching assignments, you’ll practice and apply what you’ve learned, and receive constructive feedback to help you continue improving your work. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to hone your skills, this course is a space for you to experiment, explore, and grow as an artist. Join us on this exciting journey into the world of sketching, and let’s unlock your creative potential together!

Level 1

Basic Drawing Skills

Month 1

1. Introduction to Drawing

Understanding the different types of pencils, erasers, papers, and other basic drawing tools and how to use them effectively

Understanding of shapes, lines, and forms: Learning the fundamental building blocks of drawing, including how to create and use basic shapes, lines, and forms to create drawings.

2. Basic shading techniques

Introducing the concept of shading, and learning how to use light and shadow to create depth and dimension in drawings.

3. Still life drawing

Practice drawing still life compositions using basic shapes, lines, and shading techniques.

Month 2

1. Drawing from observation

Learning how to observe objects and scenes and translate them into drawings, as well as how to use imagination to create original drawings.

2. Perspective Drawing

Introducing the concept of perspective, including one-point and two-point perspective, and how to use it to create the illusion of depth and space in drawings

3. Object Drawing

Learning how to draw objects using basic shapes, lines, and shading techniques, and how to create the illusion of texture and material in drawings.

Month 3

1. Human anatomy for artists

Introducing the basics of human anatomy for artists, including proportions, bone structure, and muscle groups.

2. Portraiture basics

Learning the basics of portraiture, including facial features, proportions, and expressions.

3. Stylized portraits and caricatures

Experimenting with different styles and techniques for drawing stylized portraits and caricatures.

Level 2

Intermediate & Advance Skills

Month 4

1. Advanced shading techniques

Learning more advanced shading techniques, including cross-hatching, stippling, and blending, and how to use them to create more complex drawings.

2. Composition and perspective

Exploring different composition and perspective techniques and how to use them to create dynamic and interesting drawings.

3. Creating dynamic compositions

Learning how to create dynamic compositions that capture movement, emotion, and action in drawings.

Month 5

1. Advanced anatomy for artists

Going deeper into human anatomy for artists, including more advanced muscle groups, facial expressions, and poses.

2. Character design

Learning how to create original and unique characters using anatomy, perspective, and other drawing techniques.

3. Drawing from life models

Practicing drawing from real-life models and learning how to capture movement, emotion, and expression in drawings.

Month 6

1. Digital drawing techniques

Introducing digital drawing tools and techniques, including digital brushes, layers, and color, and how to use them to create digital artwork.

2. Advanced caricature techniques

Learning more advanced techniques for creating caricatures, including exaggeration, distortion, and humor.

3. Opportunities in the art industry

Discussing different career opportunities in the art industry, including freelance illustration, animation, and graphic design.

In addition to the above, students will have lifetime access to the recorded video sessions, a community forum for sharing and feedback, live Q&A at the end of each session, easy tips and tricks to absorb the content in the easiest way, a certificate of completion, and potential career opportunities in the art industry.

Unlock Your Growth

What's in it For


Interactive Assignments

Interactive Assignments

Comprehensive assignments to help keep students level-up while they learn.
Live Q&A Sessions

Live Q&A Sessions

Hosting live Q&A sessions to answer questions, offer feedback, and provide extra tips and tricks to students


Hands-on access to exclusive demonstrations of various sketching techniques & time-lapse tutorials to help students understand the process better.
Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Encouraging students to share their work on social media and participate in a private community forum/ group to help them connect with other students.
Optional Challenges

Optional Challenges

Adding optional challenges for students who want to go above and beyond the course material, providing them with additional motivation and inspiration.
Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Occasionally inviting guests, such as other illustrators / industry professionals, to share their experiences and insights with students.

Unlock Your Creativity


What You Get

Comprehensive Learning

Comprehensive Learning

A good drawing course will cover a wide range of topics from the basics of drawing to more advanced techniques, giving you a solid foundation in drawing skills.

Practice Exercises

Practice Exercises

You will be provided with a variety of practice exercises and assignments to work on, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned and develop your skills through hands-on practice.

Structured Curriculum

Structured Curriculum

A structured curriculum will provide you with a clear roadmap for your learning journey, ensuring that you don’t miss any important topics and that you progress steadily in your skill development.
Expert Instruction

Expert Instruction

Taught by an experienced artist who can provide guidance, and feedbacks on your work, helping you to identify areas for improvement and offering insights to help you grow as an artist.
Access to Resources

Access to Resources

Some drawing courses may also provide you with access to additional resources such as Recorded tutorials, reference materials, and community forums where you can interact with other artists and share your work for feedback.

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₹ 3000

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₹ 2000

10 Creative Templates Pack


₹ 1500

100 Premium Fonts


₹ 2500

30 Creative Actions & Presets


₹ 1500

50 Premium Brushes & Textures


₹ 2000

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₹ 2000

Unlock After Registration

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Meet Your Mentor

Sri Priyatham

Sri Priyatham

Artist, accomplished illustrator, an inspiring art instructor, and a sought-after speaker who has delivered talks at TEDx events.

Meet Sri Priyatham, a passionate and highly skilled freelance artist based in Hyderabad with over 13 years of experience and a fine art background. Sri is an accomplished illustrator, an inspiring art instructor, and a sought-after speaker who has delivered talks at TEDx events and on multiple stages. Sri’s exceptional talent has attracted prestigious clients such as Microsoft – Redmond, CYIENT, Netflix USA, Hotstar, Prime Video, Wacom, Zee, NASSCOM, and many more. His work has been featured in national and online editorials and magazines across the country. In addition to his freelance work, Sri is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with aspiring artists. He hosts workshops across India and mentors students from all over the world. Sri’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth and development of the art industry and inspire a new generation of artists.
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Help & Support

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for both beginners who are new to drawing and experienced artists who want to brush up on their sketching skills. Whether you prefer traditional or digital tools, this course is designed to help you grow as an artist.

What materials do I need for this course?

To get started, you’ll need basic drawing materials such as pencils, erasers, sketch paper, and a sharpener. If you prefer working digitally, you can use a drawing tablet, stylus, and software such as Procreate or Adobe Photoshop. A detailed list of recommended materials will be provided in the course introduction.

How is this course structured?

The course is structured as a self-paced, ongoing program. Each month, you’ll receive a new set of lessons and assignments that build upon the skills you’ve learned in the previous month. You’ll have access to all past and current course materials, so you can work through the course at your own pace.

Will the sessions be recorded? What if I miss a session?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to students who are unable to attend live. You’ll be able to access these recordings at any time, so you can catch up on any material you might have missed.

How much time should I commit to the course?

The course is designed to be flexible, so you can work on the assignments at your own pace. The amount of time you commit to the course will depend on your personal goals and schedule. We recommend setting aside a few hours each week to work on the assignments and practice your skills.

Will I receive feedback on my work?

Yes! Throughout the course, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your work for feedback and critique from the instructor and your fellow students. This feedback is designed to help you identify areas for improvement and continue developing your skills.

How do I join the course?

To enroll in the course, simply follow the link to our registration page and complete the enrollment form. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access the course materials and get started, whether you prefer working with traditional or digital tools.

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