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About Sri Priyatham

Meet Sri Priyatham, a passionate and highly skilled freelance artist based in Hyderabad with over 13 years of experience and a fine art background. Sri is an accomplished illustrator, an inspiring art instructor, and a sought-after speaker who has delivered talks at TEDx events and on multiple stages. Sri’s exceptional talent has attracted prestigious clients such as Microsoft – Redmond, CYIENT, Netflix USA, Hotstar, Prime Video, Wacom, Zee, NASSCOM, and many more. His work has been featured in national and online editorials and magazines across the country.

In addition to his freelance work, Sri is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills with aspiring artists. He hosts workshops across India and mentors students from all over the world. Sri’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth and development of the art industry and inspire a new generation of artists.

TEDx Talks

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